Mariel Hemingway sits on her front porch
Briohny Kate Smyth
Yogi Cameron
Heidi Hong does yoga in an abandoned zoo.
California Dreamin'
Mariel Hemingway does yoga on her back porch
19 Year old Latina sits in 53 Chevy
Aerial yoga 
Woman does Paripurna Navasana pose, full boat pose, in garden
Briohny Kate Smyth
Briohny Kate Smyth and Dice Iida-Klein
Woman uses a hoola hoop at the Xanadu Catalina Health and Fitness Festival
Tyne Stecklein, Dancer
Tyne Stecklein, Dancer
Rosanna Tavarez dances in yoga clothes in a Yurt
Man sits at his piano and sings while he plays the piano
Mom and 20 month old daughter under water
Listening to the past
Backs to the water
Charlie Samos rides a unicycle
Native American Hoop Dancer
Hispanic waitress lifeguard
Summer Heat
box springs take a walk
Summer box springs
restful spa 19 year old Latina sits in back seat of 1953 Chevy
Yoga under a tree
Sara Ivanhoe does relaxed yoga in water

late night snack
Pure Herringbone Jeff Young